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Welcome to the SDR Leader community! We are a group of more than 2,700 sales development representatives who share insights and ask questions of each other. If you want to develop a new strategy, this is the place to discuss it. You will find a non-competitive, open, and honest community here.

We understand that as an SDR leader, you may deal with a lot of stress, but you also have a lot of energy and know how to handle many things coming your way. You are good at making others feel comfortable and always want to improve. Join us and meet like-minded individuals virtually or in person to help each other succeed and maximize your leadership potential.


Hello, I'm Sam Nelson Founder 

I started my sales career at Outreach, and as I became an SDR Leader my content quickly became popular in the sales development community. Because of this, Outreach sent me around the world to meet with outbound teams of all shapes and sizes. Over time, this led vast network of SDR Leadership professionals looking to connect and expand their own networks. So, I developed a private group, exclusively for SDR Leaders, dedicated to discussing sales development ideas and strategies. 


In this group we hold live Q&A’s and discuss challenges many sales development professionals face and how to overcome them. This group has quickly grown to thousands of leaders who network together! It’s my goal to be a resource to those in sales development leadership and offer the opportunity to network among like minded individuals. is a result of this network and is exclusively for full time SDR Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers. Welcome to our worldwide community!